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Posted on January 27 2022

NAS: Drobo vs Synology

Drobo 5N2 or Synology 920+ - Chalk and Cheese experiences

Posted on January 24 2022

OMG - My First Try with Next.js

I'm finally updating my 2003 personal blog site to Next.JS.

Posted on January 01 2014

Create Content in 75% Less Time

What does a 75% saving in your content writing mean to your business?

Posted on December 02 2013

We've Moved To Our Own VPS

The downfall of shared hosting is that the hosting company make the rules

Posted on December 17 2012

The World of SEO Continues to Change

Google's code isn't done by human beings. It's controlled by computers.

Posted on November 06 2012

I Ditched IntenseDebate and Why

There's a difference between getting random Spam comments and comments from interested people. Engagement.

Posted on September 22 2007

Beautiful Stradbroke Island

Stradbroke Island here in sunny Queensland is down right beautiful.