The World of SEO Continues to Change

Posted on December 17 2012

Google Really Might Be Evil … People Can Invent Worse

This might not be of much interest to many of the readers to this site but I thought I'd pen something that's dear to my heart - if you don't know what SEO is, move along … move along.

A few days ago, Google rolled out another of it's world impacting algorithms.

They've been steadily fine tuning their search and ranking code in an endeavour to what they say makes for a fairer playing field for the production of high quality content as opposed to scoring backlinks from other sites. These backlinks have always been reputed to be of equal importance and I dare say, Google promoted this fact until recently.

In the past, this has meant people also invented ways to scam the Google system by paying for high quality backlinks or devising other methods to obtain them … read 'Link Farms' and 'Link Directories'.

Google has now changed that.

Their algorithm now determines whether you have inorganic or web-spam backlinks, pointing to your site.

The Downside?

Think about it. Google's code isn't done by human beings. It's controlled by computers. Smart computers but computers all the same. Computers are unforgiving and unrelenting.

I say this because my GeekandJock site was recently hit by this lovely Penguin code and the traffic plunged into crap.

The thing is, the onus is on me now. There's supposedly some inorganic backlinks pointing back. Instead of Google simply wiping this web-spam links out of it's register and continuing on, GeekandJock is now penalised and I'm required to track through over 4500 backlinks and make a determination myself as to whether the link is crap.

And then endeavour to get the backlink removed from a site I have no control over. This is going to be fun. I'll persevere.

The Next Evil SEO

Which leads me to what is likely to happen next in SEO world.

Instead of SEO black and white hatters doing good content and content alone, I can shortly see a flourishing industry popping up …. and still using web-spam backlinks! That's not going to go away any time soon.

EXCEPT those next generation backlinks are going to be squarely directed to your websites competition!

Yep, if you can't win ...

Take down and penalise your competition !!!

... using the exact same technique that Google is penalising hundred of thousands of websites today.

Do You Think This Is Likely?

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