Xmas In Sydney

What a fantastic trip down to Sydney for Christmas.

We (Pam, Nic and I) had the pleasure in staying with Pam’s cousin Maureen and her cool husband, Phil Waser. This is a case of family also being great and wonderful friends as well.

To spend the Christmas period with far away family really is so cool. To top it all off, we also got to meet Maureen and Phil’s families too. Great kids the half on both sides of their family. So some terrific new family connections have been made!

Sydney Is A Rush Though

It was Nic’s first time in Sydney – obviously since he’s only been here for a few months so we took the train into the CBD. Checked out the sites of Darling Harbour. Do check out the photo album for our Sydney trip too.

Pam got to check out the new Zara store which she’s been dying to see – Brisbane always seems to be the last city to get these overseas stores, for some reason. The list of shops we popped into was endless – Gap, Ralph Loren, etc etc etc. It was fun though.

And then came the lunch hour people rush. Christ, it was chaos in the Sydney CBD. I think I commented it felt like what New York might be like in rush hour. People like ants were walking everywhere. Good experience but I prefer the less hectic Sunshine Coast :)

It was quite sad to say goodbye to the Wasers too. Can hardly wait til we catch up again at some point. You guys are freaking awesome!


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