What’s the Australian Government Doing About Kony 2012?

So what’s been the Australian Governments response to the sudden rise and groundswell in the Kony 2012 movement?

After watching the Kony video for the first time last night, I was stuck with the notion that our governments are an extension of ourselves I.e. selfish, self serving and narrow minded.

If there’s a worthy cause in another part of the world which has absolutely no benefit to the country, they’re not interested. Sure, that actually aligns with the majority of the human race on this fragile planet, isn’t it?

Rather stupidly, I was under the maligned impression that governments were interested in the well being of the globe. It wasn’t until watching the YouTube video that that realization was smashed to pieces.

What a freaking sad bunch we all are.

Question all you like about the ethics of the organization that is spearheading the movement. Who really gives a crap about penny pinching or the organizational skills or fragmented worthy causes? The real aha moment is they’ve got a self serving American government backing (currently a small number) the ‘find this Kony bastard and take him down’.

With some luck, we’ll see a Australian political party solidarity in both condemning this Ugandan devil and committing our own country’s resources in combination with other Allied forces.

Where is Rambo when you need him?


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