The Big Miracle Wrinkle Cream Rip-off

If it sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is

Never a truer word has been spoken when it comes to health care.

I don’t know about you but I’ve seen these anti-wrinkle advertisements popping up everywhere, over the last couple of months.

Pam drew my attention and suggested the cream ‘looked’ interesting since it was advertised and promoted in a local U.K newspaper.

First The Advertisement

That’s enough to spark curiosity in anyone who has wrinkles and would like them to vanish away. OK, I’m one of them :)
So we go right ahead and click that link to see what it’s all about and land on a great looking News Website. Cool.

Next The News Website

Scammers have done a great job here.

The Hooks

The website address is http://www.lifestylereports.org/article/health/au/beauty/1/?t202id=414&t202kw=36-143-879

  • Wow, that’s a realistic looking address, isn’t it?


Consumers Daily - Don_t Break the Bank_ A Mum_s Trick to a Wrinkle FREE Face

Wrinkle cream scam reporters


  • There’s mention of all the right keywords to engender confidence
    • LifeStyle
    • Reports
    • Health
    • Beauty
  • There’s a banner heading for Headlines
  • A graphic image of 2 reporters who are both giving quotes on this new great wrinkle cream
  • Even The Daily is featured, given credibility
  • We’ve got a woman who looks like a reporter with a byline how this wrinkle cream has been successful for a Melbourne mother – there’s another hook to align the article with their target market too
  • Great before and after photos

wrinkle cream before photo wrinkle cream after photo


  • And a huge pile of wrinkle cream testimonials from people who have been using this miracle wrinkle cream product

The Facts

  • There’s NOTHING sitting on the root level of our miracle wrinkle cream website. Going to http://www.lifestylereports.org shows an error. Nor does any other content seem to be on the site. It’s a placeholder page to give the impression of authority to sell you wrinkle cream.
  • That banner. It doesn’t work and is just a banner picture and does nothing more.
  • The Reporters. Again, nothing to click and verify who they are or whether they even verify or said these things. It’s another non-clickable graphic to give the elusion of authority to our little gremlins trying to sell you their miracle wrinkle cream.
  • Those Wrinkle Cream Before and After Photos
    • The first thing I noticed was how close the second one was to the actress, Cate Blanchett. Is that a co-incidence?
    • This wrinkle transformation happened in just 15 days? Christ, that really is just too much for anyone to believe in, isn’t it?
    • I actually ran the second photo through a detector and quickly discovered it has definitely been Photoshopped. So the photo of our wrinkle free and quite attractive woman is total scam material.
  • All those words about how good this wrinkle cream is. Well, every clickable link is a link to their sales page and is MASKED to hide where you’ll end up.
    • You’d think a real News site wouldn’t be continually sending you to another website. That’s because this site is bogus.
  • Comments.
    • Funny, I’ve been here twice now and both times the comments has been closed due to Spam and yet there’s comments dated since I was first there.
    • Closed and moderated comments allow these scammers to only allow good reviews but I think it’s more a case that there’s only one set of comments and just the dates are incremented to make it appear fresh
    • No negative comments whatsoever so you’re only going to think this Wonder Wrinkle Cream is legit, aren’t you?

Google Time

Well, sorry to say that a Google search reveals these bastards have ensnared thousands of unsuspecting people who want their wrinkles gone and gone forever.

It’s tasty bait for all of us who’d like a younger face. The Scammers are using the age-old marketing bait of ‘Hope’ and quick hope too.

People have given over their credit card information on good faith and been rewarded with a 2 part product that is delivered but it’s delivered AFTER the period of time that you can cencel out.

So the bad news is your credit card is at the mercy of auto-billing. Good luck with that :(

Now Repeat After Me

If it sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is

Now go out and Google on wrinkle solutions.

Just make sure they are natural, chemical free and will be long term.

Nothing is a quick fix.

What’s Your View?

Please do drop a quick note in the comments below.



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