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on January 8, 2013
Hybrid Connect
Pros: Fast, Easy, GUI Goodness No messy CSS Footer, Widget, Sliding, Pop-up and Squeeze Opt-ins all included Free updates for life! Excellent Support and Updates 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee Cons: It's going to cost a few bucks which you'll quickly get back on rapid Mailing List growth

Growing ‘The’ List

You already know that the value of your online business is in your Mailing List, right?

And how do they get into your Mailing List funnel, for the most part?

Your Opt-In Form Widgets, of course.

Opt-Ins Forms Now SuperCharged!

Previously, I raved about Magic Action Box which was my ‘Go To’ Opt-in form widget, of choice.

Sadly, that day has passed as I stumbled upon Hybrid Connect – so it’s not really sad, it’s awesome!

Man, this thing is freaking awesome and I’ll tell you why you need it and shell out a few bucks to get it.

GUI Goodness

The main challenge in setting up a compelling OptIn box has always been the time, energy and effort you’ve needed to expend into the design, layout, colours, fonts and image style/positioning.

Those were some of the areas that kept me from getting Opt-In boxes on my sites.

Magic Action Box was very time consuming in these areas too.

‘The World As You Know It’ has now changed, with this new WordPress plugin, Hybrid-Connect.

The plugin is a freaking beast when it comes to design too.

EVERYTHING is drag and drop so tweaking the ‘look and feel’ of a new Opt-In form box takes you literally seconds, instead of 10s of minutes or more.

All that nasty CSS stuff is hidden behind the scenes.

Previously, I needed to use Firebug and other tools to look up CSS Classes (and the crap that goes with it) and make incremental tweaks, just to get positions correct.

I’ve created a dozen perfectly styled and totally different Opt-In form boxes with Hybrid Connect and I haven’t touch any CSS.

That’s damn powerful, in this GUI-Only Age – which I live in and prefer :)

Here’s My 5 Minute Professional Opt-In Form Demo


You really are only limited by your own imagination in what you can create with Hybrid-Connect.

But Wait, There’s More

The first bit of secret sauce is the natural techniques in actually increasing opt-in rates.

It’s can be challenging to get someone to fill in their Name and Email Address – there’s a certain amount of ‘Form Filling Blindness’ on the Internet these days. Where-ever we go, we come across opt-in forms.

Hybrid-Connect gets it’s name from the secret sauce. It’s a hybrid form that does allow the usual form fields BUT if you’re connected to Facebook, it’s a one button click and NO forms to fill in.

And … the true user email address is retrieved directly from Facebook too!

higher conversion rates

Making it easy to increase the Opt-In numbers

The more an offer can be made easier and INSTANT, the quicker the opportunity is likely to be taken – that equates to a quicker growing Mailing List for your business to take advantage of.

One More Thing

Actually, there’s quite a few more things.

This show is just getting warmed up, people.

If an amazingly configurable wasn’t enough, you’re able to use these tools to create Lightbox Pop-up Opt-in boxes, Slide-in (from anywhere) Opt-in boxes, Widget (Sidebar) Opt-in boxes AND Squeeze Pages!

All the styles, sizes, colours, fonts, buttons, privacy text, button and Facebook text is all totally configurable.

You’ll simply be astounded when you start using it – because it’s so easy, your imagination starts running away with yourself as to the possibilities and IT’S FUN!

What About Support and Updates?

My goodness, you should know me by now.

Every plugin I’ve ever recommended to you guys and gals hass stellar support – that’s vital to their success and to ours.

The Hybrid Connect guys take it to an entirely new level though.

They’re like dogs on the support bone, they are. It’s obvious they love what they do and they’re good at it as well. Since I bought the Hybrid Connect plugin in the last month, the updates with new features, templates and graphics has seen about 6 or more.

As is me, I’ve logged more than that in support requests and features suggestions – all with answers and ongoing dialogue, well within a day.

They even plugged in Wysija Newsletter Support within 48 hours – that’s astoundingly unbelievable.

wysija subscription now integrated into hybrid connect

Wysija added in a matter of days – my life is complete :)

So now the Complete Feature Set

  • In-Content Opt-In Forms
  • Sidebar Opt-In Forms
  • Lightbox/Popup Forms
  • Slide-In Opt-In Boxes
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Comment List Building
  • Ultimate Form Builder
  • Over 30 Stylish Templates and more being added
  • Video Opt-In Forms
  • Split Testing
  • Conversion-Lift
  • Detailed Stats
  • Facebook Connect
  • Facebook Hybrid
  • Opt-In Form on Facebook
  • Autoresponders
  • Works With Every Browser
  • Fully Responsive Forms
  • Forms on Different Pages
  • Traffic Tracker
  • Advanced Custom Tracking
  • GoToWebinar Integration
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Easy to Use
  • High Conversions
  • Awesome Support

Holy Dooly!

I’ve switched over to Hybrid Connect on all sites – personally, I think you should too, if exploding your Mailing List numbers is important to you.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments too.

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