McDonalds Menu PhD

Pam and Nic have the greatest laughs, at my expense – when it comes to McDonalds.

McDonalds Leads Me To Insanity

Is it just me or does McDonalds have one of the most confusing menus known to man?

Let me tell you how I see it so you can better understand then.

They’ve got Supersize, Upsize, Meal-Deals and whatever else. In my mind, the guys and gals behind the counter seem to give me the impression that each and every customer knows their products and individual menu items, intimately.


I just want an Angus burger with some fries, OK?

“Did you want a meal deal?”. “What?”, I say. This some how involves a drink and I’m led to believe that there’s different size meal deals so the drink size and the fries size are locked in so I cant simply deduct one price of a small fries and have a large drink.

Now They Confuse With The Favourite Angus Burger, Damn Them

“Did you want to Grand Angus or the Special Angus?”. So I need to slide across and see that one has bacon now. Christ, why can’t I just get a freaking Angus Burger and Fries like I ordered?

Understandably, Pam laughs and also gets a little anxious in seeing my rising stress levels in all this, after a few past episodes. She’s taken on the role of the official McDonald’s Order Taker now. Even still, last night she orders some chocolate Frappa which is quickly dispatched and the young girl places an appropriate straw with the drink, alongside the other two thick shakes.

Now I’m wondering why these other thick shakes don’t have straws which is a little odd. Obviously, I felt compelled to ask the girl and she retrieved two different looking straws so I’m presuming that thick shakes come armed with alternative straws than the Fraps – odd.

Yeah sure, McDonalds is a well known franchise that’s been around since before the Dawn of Time.

It’s one of the most popular fast food destinations.

It caters to billions of burgers the world over.

It employs and fosters the training of millions of young people too, I’d wager.

Give The Old Folks A Break, Huh?

Can they also start thinking of customers as potential new customers who might not have ever visited?

They just might improve their service standards into not requiring older folks like me into thinking I need a McDonalds Menu PhD.

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