Free Music and Old Content Equals New Content and Audience

Did you know you can use some old blog content, add some free music and produce new content, a new audience as well as more backlinks to your site?

free music plus old content

Well, I was reading on the train a few days ago about stealing content.

Yeah, stealing is a bad thing and Google might punish you for plagarism but there’s a real sneaky trick to get around all this
…. and here’s the secret sauce.

Bingo, Bango, Boo … Hey Presto

It’s your own content you’re thieving so cool for cats.

The reasoning is to look at all those old pieces of content that get little click thru and interest and re-purpose the content into videos. Well, being a boring train ride, I deftly sent a number of articles off to ReadItLater for safe keeping.

And I remembered the wonders of a video distribution network called TubeMogul – one upload that’s pushed out to multiple destination video aggregates like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion etc etc. I used this service a number of years ago and the cool thing was being able to write the same description file and that gets pushed out with the video too. Pop in a few site links and instant Google connections.

You’re creating (or recreating) content using a different medium and video is loved by more and more Internet Users these days. Short attention span Facebookers that can click play and sit back and listen.

Old Content and Free Music = Brand New Content

I’m a Mac guy. Keynote was my weapon of choice.

Concept is simple:

  • Find old blog post
  • Copy and Paste the key lines into your Presentation app
  • Add some wizardry transitions to make it look uber-sexy
  • Add some music and preferably free music or you might get bumped on upload
    • Found a great site for free music, yep that’s right, free music – check out CCMixter
  • Keep the dot-points per slide to around 3 points
    • Easier reading while the reader is listening to the free music :)
  • Avoid noisy slide themes too
    • I mean Powerpoint hell where each slide is a sea of text – difficult to read when converted to a YouTube movie
  • For simplicity, I exported the Keynote as a MOV file, load into Garageband, drag the free music MP3 and again export this file to the hard drive


Distribution Magic Comes Next

Now I just know you’d prefer to get more Viewer Audience, not to mention more backlinks

And I also know you’re probably like me and prefer to avoid mundane uploading to multiple sites.

Well, Christmas has come early to you, my friend. Enter the hallowed halls of OneLoad, previously know as TubeMogul.

Upload Once, Distribute To Many – Magic

Your first video upload is going to take longer than any others.

You’ll need to set up accounts, if you don’t have them, for YouTube, DailyMotion, MySpace, MetaCafe, Veoh, Flickr and PhotoBucket – there’s the usual suspects of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as well. This takes a little bit of time but make sure you explore the lower section called ‘Save My Credientials’ – OneLoad will store them and save you valuable time for all subsequent videos.

My Example

OK, remember I’m not a Creative Type to begin with.

The old content is here at my relationships advice site The Best Ways To Screw Up A Relationship – check it is you like and see how I’ve plucked out the essential meat from the content to produce this:


Pretty Cool huh? I’m sure you real Creative Types can give me some tips – but you’ll agree the sentiment of the article still shines through anyway.

And this now repurposes for a new audience for my content, backlinks to the site and article, hopefully more people commenting and traffic for lists and products.

Doesn’t take longer once you’ve done one either.

What do you think? Could you do this yourself – just a bit of free music and Keynote and you’re off and running?



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