Eumundi Markets

Well, another wonderful day yesterday at the Eumundi Markets.

It’s got a great country market feel to it. This time we spent a little more time wandering around and listening to some of the local bands that were playing and selling their CDs.

Highlighted by one band (I wish I jotted down their name) that played a mixture of techno and Indigenous music – that’s weaving in the sound of the Aboriginal Didgeridoo.

Cool Dude With His Dance On

The one thing that made the experience even more amazing was a guy just wandered from the crown into the band area and started dancing. He was really quite talented and captured the attention of everyone in the crowd.

Check out a part of him in the video below. Way cool!

Cool sounds of the Aboriginal Didgeridoo

Very Cool Dude Dancing

I had my usual German Sausage with Sauerkraut, mustard and tomato sauce and we also tried some incredibly scrumptious Tibetan dumplings with mild chilli sauce & soy sauces – they were good.

Wandered into another pair of guitarists, equally talented. The pair started off hooking up in Byron Bay and ended up the Sunshine Coast.

Oh and Nic bought himself an inch high Buddha statue as well – a dream come true.

One Last Thing

Snapped a cool pic of a Ned Kelly poster too.

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