Be A Brain And Travel By Train

Funny how often we rely on traveling around by car, isn’t it?

Pam’s permanent Australian visa currently hinges on Nic getting his temporary one. That relies on simply getting his medicals over, done with and approved by the Immigration Dept so today was the day to get into the Briabane CBD and nail that.

And what better way to traverse the journey than by train. Since I’ve recently been using the train to travel from Buderim to Brisbane, I was aware of the ease of use, not having the hassle of City parking and expense and it’s also quite relaxing. And neither Pam or Nic have done the trip. So time to saddle up.

It’s just as fast as car. Pleasant scenery. Air Conditioned travel. I like it because I don’t have to do the driving.

All medicals done in an hour or so. Immigration people were all good, helpful and pleasant too which takes stress away from dealing with Government Departments.

Now once the medicals are formally approved, Nic gets the temporary which paves the way for both of them in becoming fully fledged permanent Aussie residents. Yippee to that, huh?

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